1) The Healing Power of Art (published 2018-08-25) -- Entering the office to see a neurologist can be a terrifying experience.  I know because I’ve had to do it for years.  Thankfully, when I see my doctor I am surrounded by his photographs on the walls. It’s more than a hobby for Dr. Noah Gilson, it’s a lifelong passion.

2) Hoboken’s Field Colony (published 2018-04-23) -- Throughout history, artists have consistently helped revive downtrodden city areas into vibrant locations, bursting with life. Unfortunately their reward has often been rents too high for the artists to remain in the area.  And so they move out to a new city or area of a city and watch the process repeat.  Aaron Boucher and Laura Vaccarella opened Field Colony in November 2017 to help prevent the cycle from happening to artists in Hoboken.

3) New Brunswick Invests In The Arts (published 2017-08-21) -- For decades, New Brunswick has been one of the most vibrant arts towns in the state, but the city is just getting started.  Construction has begun on the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, an exciting project which will help cement the city’s “theatre row” as a premier destination for the arts.

4) King For A Day (published 2016-07-21) -- When Erin Feinberg first visited Memphis, her jaw dropped. Everywhere she looked she saw people dressed like Elvis Presley. She wondered if the city was saturated with Elvis impersonators. Actually, she happened to visit during Elvis Week — an annual celebration that leads up to the anniversary of the King’s death.

5) The Art Of Concert Photography (published 2015-10-21) -- In the old days, it was hard to take photographs at concerts. If you didn’t have a photo pass as a member of the media, you had to sneak in a camera. Chances are you were either shooting from a distance or risked having your camera removed by security. These days, you’ll see many people with digital cameras and even more taking pictures with their cell phones at every show. Many consider themselves photographers, but a true photographer sees things or does things with their photos that amateurs cannot. Bob Beucler’s work is a good example. He doesn’t just take pictures; he gives his photos an art-like quality.

6) Jersey Illustrator Wins Grand Prize In International Competition (published 2015-07-18) -- In April, Michelle Lockamy was invited to the 31st annual L. Ron Hubbard Achievement awards in Los Angeles. At the time, the illustrator from Brown Mills, New Jersey knew she was one of the 12 winning illustrators out of several thousand to enter the international competition. What she didn’t know was that she would also be named the winner of the Grand Prize award which meant her illustration would be published in the bestselling Science Fiction anthology series - L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 31 along with a cash prize of $5,000.

7) Can The Arts Save Atlantic City? (published 2015-05-20) -- The cliché has always been that low rents attract artists to downtrodden areas that nobody else wants and the artists wind up playing a major role in the area’s revival. Their reward is generally to be priced out of those communities just when things get going. It’s a story that plays out year after year in towns and cities across the country. Each time it does, artists are left to wonder why art can play such an important role in the local economy yet artists are rarely, if ever, part of actual community planning.

8) An Interview With Bob Gruen (published 2015-01-18) -- Few photographers are as synonymous with rock and roll as Bob Gruen who has been documenting the rock scene for over 40 years. His work will be on display at Art629 Gallery in Asbury Park now through February 28 through an exhibition that encompasses a new edition of oversize framed silkscreens of classic photographs of rock greats John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Mick Jagger, and Debbie Harry, the result of a collaboration between Bob Gruen and Gary Lichtenstein Editions, along with more than 40 photographs of Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, The Ramones, Kiss, and many more.

9) Letter From The Publisher: The Future of Arts Journalism (published 2014-12-19) -- In the past year, many arts leaders have joined in a debate about the future of arts journalism. It's easy to see the writing on the wall. Newspapers have been laying off writers (especially those covering the arts) for years and are struggling to survive. Meanwhile, a movement towards Internet based blogs and digital publications has clearly taken root. Unfortunately, many arts leaders still cling to the idea that the best way to get news coverage and promote their shows is to find ways to work with traditional media rather than to support new media.

10) The Starchild Continues To Dream New Dreams (published 2007-02-01) -- He's known as The Starchild to millions of rock and roll fans around the world. With makeup covering up his face, Paul Stanley and his bandmates in KISS became one of the most popular rock bands on the planet, but before he was a rock star he was a budding young artist. Years later, he's now becoming known for his paintbrush as much as his axe.

11) Man's Best Friend Comes To New Jersey (published 2006-06-01) -- Jeremy Crisi is a cartoonist who grew up in Ocean County and is moving back to the Shore after living in Northeastern Pennsylvania for a while. His strip "Man's Best Friend" was published weekly in "The Weekender" over there. With any luck you'll be seeing it in a Jersey paper sometime soon. Hell, we'd probably publish it if we had any money to offer the guy but we're doing the next best thing - letting you know about him.

12) Grace In Wonderland (published 2006-10-01) -- Wonderland must truly exist because Grace Slick went through the rabbit hole as a child and never left. The former lead singer of Jefferson Airplane (and later Jefferson Starship and then just Starship), Slick traded in her microphone for a paintbrush in 1989 and hasn't looked back. Her paintings largely consist of images of her contemporaries from the 60s like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Jerry Garcia. But Wonderland images play a major role as well.

13) The World's Greatest Beatles Artist... (published 2006-10-01) -- Sometimes it really pays to ignore your teacher's advice. Just ask Shannon, who was told she'd never amount to anything unless she stopped drawing the Beatles. Years later, she is known as The World's Greatest Beatles Artist and has been commissioned to create over 100 pieces for an upcoming Beatles themed hotel opening in Liverpool in 2007.

14) It's Time For Asbury Park To Create An Arts District (published 2005-06-01) -- This is a critical time for the arts in Asbury Park. The city has always attracted artists from around the world, but as redevelopment moves forward, the city is in the unique situation of breaking the perpetual urban pattern of revitalization.

15) Creating An Arts Capital - A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY (published 2005-10-01) -- The New Jersey arts community has an opportunity like never before. That's what I thought as I left the Berkeley-Carteret Hotel on September 28th. Earlier that evening the Arts Coalition of Asbury Park (ARTSCAP) held an Arts Summit, which was supposed to be for the announcement of the Asbury Park Cultural Arts Plan but wound up being about that and much more. In fact, what transpired that evening was not so much about Asbury Park as it was about the future of New Jersey arts.

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